Food Systems

Food waste, food access, and agricultural efficiency are all at the forefront of what makes Sacramento the farm-to-fork capital of the world. By partnering with innovative companies and institutional players, the City aims to foster companies who can increase access and supply to the region’s food systems.

What's Happening in Sacramento?

Broccoli HQ

"One of the community building approaches the City took in relation to Food Systems is working with the Sacramento City Unified School District and the Food Literacy Center, to build a 2.5-acre student garden and food literacy center called 'Broccoli HQ' at a local school. Broccoli HQ offers after-school food literacy programs when classes include topics ranging from cooking, nutrition, food culture and cuisine to composting and identifying beneficial insects. Funded by numerous local and international businesses and organizations, Broccoli HQ’s economically disadvantaged student population comes largely from the adjacent housing projects."

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