Food Systems

Food Systems

Agriculture is a huge engine in our region and Sacramento’s Farm to Fork movement is growing as local restaurants and stores are being more deliberate in sourcing food locally. As residents embrace community gardens and farmer’s markets, to truly become America’s Farm to Fork capitol, we need to take into consideration where our food is grown, produced, and distributed. Truly understanding these things will help address larger issues such as food deserts, air pollution caused by food transportation, and access to healthy eating choices.


The Verde Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship (The VINE)

The Verde Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship (The VINE) is a connected community of innovators and resurces in sustainable food and agriculture technology

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The VINE Network
The Better Meat Co.

The Better Meat Co.

Founded in early 2018 and based in Sacramento, The Better Meat Co. is a business-to-business company that helps institutional food sellers achieve their goals of culinary excellence by providing next-generation plant-based proteins for foodservice providers and meat processors to make their meat, in a word, better.

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