Health IT and Life Sciences

As the medical field becomes more innovative and global information sharing becomes more accessible, so will means of protecting and sharing medical data. In Sacramento, the home of the University of California Davis Medical Center and location of many major healthcare researchers and providers, health information technology (health IT) makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. As this field grows, new programs and technologies are in development that improve quality of life, patient data security and accessibility, equity of access to all citizens.

What's Happening in Sacramento?

Aggie Square

Set to open in the next few years at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, Aggie Square will be an innovation hub that brings together the region’s communities and entrepreneurs. With a new tech-enhanced meeting ground, community leaders, creatives, and business leaders will be able to foster high-tech innovation right here in Sacramento. A beacon of Sacramento’s integrated approach to urban planning, the 25-acre development will serve as a hub for state-of-the-art research facilities, incubator spaces, academic programs, and housing.

Aggie Square will serve as a collaborative technology and innovation campus that leverages the university's strengths to become the catalyst for economic change, creates jobs for its graduates, and helps spur the economic vitality of the broader Sacramento region. It will also serve as a model public-private partnership, increasing technology transfer and creating equitable opportunities for residents in the community and region.

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"Sacramento sits at the center of our region’s health sciences innovation centers. With University of California Davis Medical Center and other major healthcare researchers and providers pushing the envelope on life science innovation and California State University Sacramento as a statewide leader for the training of clinical lab technicians and scientists, there is no shortage of homegrown talent in the field. "

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