Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity

As data becomes the world’s most valued commodity, cybersecurity and internet of things (IOT) will continue to shape other sectors. The City is committed to fostering these technologies across the board and helping the emerging sector approach state policymakers as necessary.

What's Happening in Sacramento?


"In 2019, Sacramento became the first city to test and deploy digital license plates when Reviver, creator of the world’s first digital license plate, commenced a pilot using City vehicles. Reviver’s innovative technology transforms the 125-year old traditional license plate into a multi-functional digital display and connected vehicle platform to make driving safer and smarter. Features include automated registration renewals, charity plate options, personal messages, vehicle locator, safety alerts, stolen vehicle information, payment solutions for parking and tolls, and marketing capabilities."

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The CyberSacramento partnership connects Sacramento businesses to cybersecurity resources to protect their digital assets, while supporting the development of cybersecurity innovations and a cybersecurity workforce in the Capital region. CyberSacramento uses a combination of grant funding, workforce development programs, and public-private partnerships with cybersecurity stakeholders to achieve its objectives. CyberSacramento uses our city’s unique standing as the policy innovation hub of California to bring businesses, colleges and universities, policy makers, and other community partners together to focus on this emerging field.

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