China Trade Office
China Trade Office, City of Sacramento

Antonio Yung

Antonio Yung started his technical career as a system engineer for Systems Integrators, Inc. (SII) in Sacramento. A world dominated supplier for digitalizing newspapers and publishing solution, SII had a global customer base with the most prestige newspapers like LA Times, Washington Post, as well as news services to Reuters and Associated Press. By the time he left SII, he was the head of worldwide installations and new technologies.

His international consulting career spanned decades working for Apple, IBM, Fujifilm, Sony, State of California, and Wells Fargo Bank. For seven years, he held key positions in the Internet Technology Services Group at Wells Fargo. Afterward, he also led the internet infrastructure team at Wells Fargo Mortgage. He was asked to advise the bank during the Wells Fargo – Wachovia merger.

These days, Tony is leading the City of Sacramento – China Office to attract foreign investment into the region.