Chief Operations Officer and Event Manager
Chief Operations Officer and Event Manager, HOFDay

Damian Lynch

Sacramento's infamous Hall of Fame has cultivated its roots in the city, as the collective celebrated its third annual #HOFDAY on September 16 in Old Sacramento. While it is known as "a party so big, they call it a festival,"" #HOFDAY is in fact a monumental music and arts festival celebrating the youth's imprint within the city. Indeed, HOF is the first external company, in 30 years, to host a large-scale event in Old Sacramento.

As a conglomerate, HOF has been entertaining and catering to Sacramento's youth unlike any other group. Weekly events, such as CAKE at District 30 and Salty Saturdays at Highwater, have significantly propelled HOF's clout in the last year alone. However, the group has been around since 2008 and has plans to be around for many years to come.

As a founding member, Damian Lynch, HOF's Chief Operations Officer and Event Manager, has persistently been in meetings with the city and his team, working to break the barriers necessary to bring such a large-scale event to life.