CEO & Co-Founder
CEO & Co-Founder, Japa, Inc.

Mathew Magno

Mathew Laurence Magno moved to Davis from Southern California. He ventured North to study computer science and technology management at the University of California, Davis and proceeded to work on multiple projects relating to parking and augmented reality. Passionate about entrepreneurship and the tech industry, the move to Northern California was a natural fit. He has an amazing background of management with titles from Project Manager to Kitchen Manager. With encouragement from friends and family, Mathew helped co-found Japa, a Smart Parking company delivering real-time availability and analytics to drivers and parking management. Currently Japa has installations at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, Walnut Creek and SMUD in Sacramento. Japa is now moving into the ever growing smart city initiatives. Mathew also Co-founded PLASMA, an accelerator program focused towards UC Davis entrepreneurs.