President, Uptown Studios

Tina Reynolds

As the leader of the best creative team in Sacramento I work hard to create a community of giving, learning and growing - from the inside out. Our team is committed to building a world around us that is conscious and filled with positive intentions. I want to work together with people and tear down silos. I am totally attracted to brilliant people with a propensity to create change. I am here to transform the way you think about great marketing; how it should begin with your community, how to create empathy with the groups you work with; and how to become more involved.

My personal goals are to change the way we work with homeless issues; girls getting an education that includes Math, Science Arts and the ability to achieve whatever they can dream; the thought that technology can change everything - for the better and let's figure out how to use it for "good"; and finally - getting equality for women in all areas - really ALL areas including finance, leadership, boards and commissions and everything else we seem to continue to lag behind in.


Uptown Studios is a Sacramento marketing and design studio specializing in graphic design, website design, video production, social media management, human-centered design (design thinking) and marketing. We have a team of 18 design thinkers ready to create design solutions for your communication challenge. Let us help you with your next project.

I am here to help you discuss ways to market your firm, look at the "big picture" and come up with creative ways to engage with your community and help you get involved and become an active participant. We encourage all our clients to be more green in their print decisions and can help you create a campaign or brochure that is sustainable and effective.

Uptown Studios excels in working with businesses, non-profits, municipalities and progressive political campaigns. We are a CMAS certified vendor, woman-owned, certified LGBT and micro/small business